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South African Born Celebrity Pro Surfer, Model, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Presenter, Sport Style Icon, CEO of Ohana Fitness & Surf, Blogger and Passionate Traveller

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Bunny Chow Ambassador

Tehillah McGuinness South African Born Pro Surfer, Sports Model and Sport Style Icon heads up the Bunny Chow team as the their Ambassador


Photo by Julia McIntosh


I am rather excited to announce a new sponsorship venture with bunnychow🙂

Those of you who know me will know how much I enjoy foooooood, so it comes as no surprise that I am pretty happy about this!:)

The history behind the ‘Bunny Chow’ dish is really close to my heart, as it is a popular South African meal. As kids, growing up barefoot and outside this was one of those meals that you could tackle ‘hands on’ after a long day of climbing trees and getting up to mischief!

They will be opening their doors in Soho, London in September and I will keep you updated with the launch dates. In the mean time go and check out what you could be eating very soon!

Thanks to the awesome crew from Bunny Chow for this opportunity…looking forward to some ‘tasty adventures’ together