Tehillah McGuinness

South African Born Celebrity Pro Surfer, Model, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Presenter, Sport Style Icon, CEO of Ohana Fitness & Surf, Blogger and Passionate Traveller

Exclusive Interview with Outfit Cornwall

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Outfit Cornwall - Tehillah McGuinness Interview with Deeside Water, Volkan Water, Reezen Eyewear, Bekl Surf Bracelets, Urban Beach Clothing, Osprey Surf and Oggy Wax Outfitt Cornwall Double page spread

I had the pleasure of being featured in the November issue of outfit Cornwall with this exclusive interview!

Make you sure you check it our here http://www.joomag.com/magazine/outfit-cornwall-the-essential-guide-to-cornwa/0315747001383787959 and get the inside scoop on my Girls Surf and Fitness Tour hitting the UK next year!:) A massive thanks to all of my amazing sponsors and the great job from Outfit Cornwall on this! Make sure you sign up for their monthly magazine and stay in loop with all things OUTFIT! 😉

Tee x


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